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Define and Execute Cyber Defense Strategy

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Manage Threats & Vulnerabilities To Mitigate Risk

Increased Attack Surface and Attack Vectors Increase Risk

Integrated Cyber Security Solutions

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We Serve As An Extension Of Your Cyber Team

We are a security company with a business-risk-driven approach. We bring depth and breadth of expertise from enterprise IT, operations and risk management to assess, design, deploy, and manage cyber security effectively.

We work with your team to assess your existing cyber security posture, align your investments and resources to strengthen your security posture.



Our Capabilities

Cyber Security Strategy

Effective defense against growing threats needs strategies tailored to address your business’s risks and defend growing attack surface. We partner with your business to craft strategies to meet your risk and compliance goals.

Cyber Security Solutions

We bring best-of-breed cyber security from our technology partners to provide integrated cyber security capabilities. Security solutions span end-points, identity and access management, email, web, cloud, breach simulation, and SOC automation.

Cyber Security Architecture

Multiple risk and compliance frameworks drive defense posture and the technologies used to prevent, detect, and remediate cyber threats. Today’s threat scenario needs integrated, cost-effective technology architecture which effectively addresses the needs and evolves.

Cyber Security Managed Services

We partner with you, as an extension of your team, to manage your security posture so you can focus on your business. We provide 24.7.265 support.

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

Today’s threat scenario calls for periodic, or even better, continuous monitoring of security posture to measure business risk. We can help you in managing a program which gives you visibility to vulnerability,¬†risk and compliance¬†exposure.

Cyber Security Awareness and Training

We will work with you to understand your security concerns, simulate periodic social engineering attacks, and lead employee awareness and training programs to improve employee behaviors and reduce threats.

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